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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.

How many poles can fit in your space?

Are you a new studio owner? Or do you want to be? If so, you’ve probably thought of this question a lot when looking for space for your studio. This post will cover some things to think about so you…

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Sample Pole Rental Contract

[administrator notice: content below memberonly level=”Group Membership for Businesses of 2-5 individuals, Student, Individual or Solo-Preneur”] As with any contractual template, make sure to update to reflect the laws in your city/state/country and consult a lawyer before updating and using…

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“Should I hire certified instructors?”

Pole dancing is still a new industry and there is no one “gold standard” for certifications or benchmark for hiring certified or non-certified pole instructors. Newly certified instructors may be well intentioned but have limited experience working with the myriad…

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How to work with family and friends

Being a small business owner is tough! You are often working in your business serving customers and on your business, working to improve processes like marketing and sales usually ALL at the same time! Because of these challenges, and not…

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