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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.

Virtual PoleCon 2020 Recap

The goal of this Virtual PoleCon was to:

  • First, to have the community get together in some way, even during the pandemic.
  • Second, to introduce the IPIA, our industry’s first trade association, and support the people who are running the businesses that allow us to have a community.
  • Third, to act as a membership driver for the IPIA and help us unearth questions and needs people have in our industry.

Demographics of attendees:

  • 33% were hobbyists
  • 30% were pole business owners
  • 8% were employees of a pole business
  • 8% were pole teachers
  • 6% were studio owners
  • 5% were performers
  • 2% were strippers/sex workers

People joined the festivities from all over the world including the US, Mexico, UK, Poland, Rwanda, Australia, New Zealand and more!

What people are saying:

“It was a perfect mix of Business and Fun, and a precious opportunity to connect with old friends. I came away energized, full of new ideas for my studio, and proud of how our community grows and pulls through together.”

“I’m so happy I signed up to attend Virtual PoleCon today. I have literally been in the foulest mood this week and cannot stand the entire world. But then seeing my pole friends, learning new things, and meeting new people has given me so, so much life today. I love this community!”

Most people said the tool used to host the event was “intuitive” or “user-friendly.”  The people that did have technical issues, unfortunately had major technical issues as attendees and even as workshop leaders and performers. Despite running tests with everyone involved in the event, day-of internet and technical issues plagued the showcase particularly.

Most attendees loved the workshops and panels and thought that the content was important, not just to them but also to the industry: “It’s important to see pole con lead the way when it comes to discussing these things and working to make pole dance more inclusive.”

Most attendees appreciated the vendor area but admitted they didn’t buy anything although some said they might buy in the future. Vendors themselves found the platform challenging.

Videos from the event will be added to this website soon.



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