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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.

New Partnership with MyCPR NOW!

MyCPR NOW™ is pleased to announce that the International Pole Industry Association has joined its ranks of strategic partners.

With the rapid transformation of the health, wellness, and fitness industries and increased technological capabilities for education, MyCPR NOW™ and IPIA™ share a vision and goal of providing access and knowledge to everyone.

In any industry that requires physical exertion, accidents and medical emergencies can happen.

That is why MyCPR NOW™ provides hard working professionals like members of the IPIA™ an accessible and affordable method to obtain a CPR certification online.

The partnership between MyCPR NOW™ and IPIA™ is an ideal first step to make the pole industry safer and CPR + First Aid certifications more accessible and affordable for pole industry professionals.

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