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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.
Students in a pole dance workshop.

What is the difference between licensing and franchising?

Licensing and franchising are both different legal structures you can use to grow your pole-based business. While both of these options take time, they often take less time than having you manage multiple locations of your business and can increase…

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Students in a pole dancing class.

Using the Business Model Canvas to Illustrate Your Organization

For decades, business books and seminars have encouraged entrepreneurs to build a business plan, which usually includes an executive statement, financial projections, the organizational structure, etc. Ideally, the plan paints a picture of your business operations so that potential investors…

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Students in a pole fitness class.

Understanding Employee Payroll and Payroll Services

What is Payroll? Payroll is the list of employees your company pays on a regular basis. This usually includes the amount of money received for time work/tasks completed and may also include benefits distributions or even accrued time off. Payroll…

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PoleCon stage through computer screen.

How to Start a Podcast

A podcast can be a great way to market your business, reach new customers and create community around your product or service as part of your overall marketing plan. It can also be a way to generate revenue through advertising…

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