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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.
Shopping at a vendor booth.

Pole business owners need support to grow or even start their businesses.

There are many organizations that provide support on how to be a better pole dancer, competitor or teacher.

Our focus is on protecting and positively impacting the business interests of pole businesses, all of which are small businesses and most of which are woman and/or minority owned — sectors within all industries that have the most challenges and receive the least support.

The International Pole Industry Association (IPIA) supports the entire pole business community including any and all people that make a living or a portion of their living through our industry:

  • All Pole related businesses (service/product/event)
  • Studio owners
  • Sex workers/strippers
  • Performers
  • Teachers

The IPIA provides the following specific benefits to members:


Education resources through our online resource library and live webinars for established businesses and those looking to start a pole business.


Discounts on continuing education training, equipment, apparel, and business critical services, such as insurance. See our full list of partners at this page.


Network online through webinars, by searching our Member Directory, and meet people in-person at PoleCon.


Advocacy supporting all pole-related businesses and pole-preneurs. Research opportunities for researchers doing work relevant to our industry. Got a research project we can help with? Contact us.

Membership in the IPIA is organized into three types:

  • Group Membership for Businesses of 2-5 people: Group membership for 2-5 individuals involved in the pole industry working at the same company. For businesses larger than 5 individuals, contact us directly for pricing. If you are a studio owner who only needs one log in, please sign up for the Individual membership. ($160)
  • Individual or Solo-preneur: Any individual involved in the pole industry including studio owners, performers, teachers, sex workers or solo-preneers. ($60)
  • Student: Any individual with an interest in the pole industry enrolled in a two or four-year post-secondary education. ($30)

Membership is paid annually and is renewed annually.

All members have the option to be listed publicly in the Member Directory.

Creating the IPIA will help give the pole industry a “face” to the outside world and become a hub for those looking to learn more about our industry. We will provide information we want them to know about us, rather than having them make assumptions.

Additionally, all members of the IPIA agree to a Code of Ethics.

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