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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.
Students gather around workshop instructor.

At the IPIA, we believe we are stronger together. By engaging all people who make a living or a part of their living through pole, we can provide legislative officials with information that can help them make common-sense laws that protect our community; not tear it down.

We support advocacy supporting businesses and supporting sex workers. We are currently evaluating avenues for advocacy that are appropriate for our industry to support and partner with.

Got a recommendation? Contact us. 


We also support research opportunities for researchers doing work relevant to our industry. IPIA Members can use the IPIA SurveyMonkey account for free. Become a member to access this benefit.

The IPIA also conducts relevant business-related surveys to do the following:

  • Answers help the IPIA provide targeted educational content to help you succeed.
  • Answers provide data to help you financially: such as negotiating better contracts, applying for loans/grants, asking for a raise, helping new pole businesses understand the market BEFORE they start, and more!
  • Answers are completely anonymous.

Got a relevant research project we can help with? Contact us. 

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