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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.
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Take the 2024 Pole Industry Financial Survey!

The Pole Industry Financial Survey (PIFS) is here so we can better understand the financial information and support needed to make our industry successful, inclusive, and sustainable for all. Completing this survey helps us to protect and positively impact the business interests of the entire pole business community. Thank you for making a difference!

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The first page is about you. Everyone should answer these questions.STEP TWO
The following pages are split into the five groups we focus on supporting. Answer the questions that relate to your work in the pole industry and skip the rest!

  1. Studio owner: Anyone who maintains a business teaching pole where they are not the sole instructor.
  2. Instructor: Anyone who makes money from teaching pole and does not own a studio.
  3. Pole business (product/service/event): Anyone who sells any pole industry related product or service, or runs any pole-related event or training/certification that is NOT a regular class or workshop.
  4. Performer: Anyone who makes money performing pole (virtual, in person, on TV/movies, etc.) not in a strip club setting.
  5. Stripper/sex worker: Anyone who makes money in exchange for consensual sexual-related services, virtual or in person, that also uses a pole in some way.

These descriptions will be shared again as you go through the survey.

All questions are optional. Skip any you don’t want to answer!

Please specify your currency on page 2 and use the same currency for all future questions relating to income and expenses.

To read the survey FAQs visit:

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