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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.

Joining the IPIA Board

Thank you for wanting to join the IPIA Board! We are looking for up to six (6) board members to join our current board of six members for a 2-year term. All applicants should be IPIA members and should represent…

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Announcing Virtual PoleCon 2021

Virtual PoleCon is back October 16, 2021 9am-~10pm Eastern (New York) time! Like last year’s event, we are presenting the event and it is focused on the pole business industry. Pole hobbyists are welcome to come too! Also, like last…

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Pole Industry Survey

The IPIA is a trade association. As such, it can help pole businesses become more successful, sustainable and inclusive through promoting education, fostering collaboration and by developing and promoting standards for matters of common interest. Please answer this short survey…

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What does your IPIA membership pay for?

The IPIA annual membership fee covers the basic administrative costs of running the virtual (as in, we have no physical office) association, including: Domain name and web hosting Email hosting Software as a service tools including Zoom for webinars and…

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Virtual PoleCon 2020 Recap

The goal of this Virtual PoleCon was to: First, to have the community get together in some way, even during the pandemic. Second, to introduce the IPIA, our industry’s first trade association, and support the people who are running the…

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What is a Trade Association?

A trade association is an organization arranged around a trade, industry or specific type of business designed to promote the common interests of the trade. A trade association may also be known as a trade group or industry body. The…

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Why Join a Trade Association?

There are many reasons to join a trade association! The more of us joining together, the stronger and more sustaining our industry can be. The entire purpose of a trade association is to promote the industry and it's members. Access…

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