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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.
IPIA Logo With Text: Pole Industry Financial Survey.

Take the Pole Industry Financial Survey!

What: to collect, analyze, and publish (for FREE on anonymous, aggregated financial data about the pole industry.

Who: all people who make a living or part of their living in the pole industry should respond. This survey is NOT for hobbyists. Don’t make money doing pole? Please skip this survey.

Why: (how YOU benefit)

  • Answers help the IPIA provide targeted educational content to help you succeed.
  • Answers provide data to help you financially: such as negotiating better contracts, applying for loans/grants, asking for a raise, helping new pole businesses understand the market BEFORE they start, and more!
  • Answers are completely anonymous.


  1. Survey starts with demographics. Everyone should answer this page.
  2. The following pages are divided into the five IPIA-designated segments of the pole industry: studio owner, instructor, pole business (product/service/event), performer, stripper/sex worker. Answer the questions on pages that relate to your work in the pole industry and skip the rest!
  3. All questions are optional. Skip questions you don’t want to answer!
  4. Moneys referenced are in USD. Answer to the best of your ability with your currency in mind.

When: survey is open now through March 30, 2022. Data will be analyzed and shared by June 2022.

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