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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.
Pole dancer performs a straddle on stage.

How to evaluate your sales and marketing efforts

Sales and marketing are the life blood of any business. Remember, marketing, at its most basic, is attracting people to your business. Sales is converting those people into paying customers. Periodically, maybe at the quarter or year-end, evaluate what you’re…

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Pole dancer inverted on stage.

Saving strategies for pole business owners

Saving is often not the first thing new business owners think of when starting their pole-based business, especially if your new business is a side hustle. Even before your business starts to grow, it’s important to start thinking about preparing…

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Shoppers at an apparel booth at PoleCon.

Do you have a sales process for your pole dance business?

Sales and marketing are important parts of running a business. Most pole dance businesses are great at actions that are traditionally considered marketing such as using your email list, being active on social media (or even using paid ads), working…

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