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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.
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If you have a complaint to file against one of our members please follow the steps below.

Requirements to filing a complaint against an IPIA member.

  1. Consumer must have first contacted the IPIA member directly in an attempt at resolution.
  2. If the IPIA member responded, the consumer must have followed up on the  response.
  3. The IPIA member must be given a 15-day grace period to reply/comply since the first request was made.

IPIA Recommendations:

  1. Get to know the IPIA member and how they conduct business. Talk to current clients, members first so you understand their business practices.
  2. Make sure to save the agreement you have with them. Many times you’ll find what’s necessary in the fine print.
  3. If you’re upset over the business ethics of an IPIA member please try not to respond in an angry manner. Doing so will only add fuel to the fire and may make the process more difficult in the long run.
  4. Prior to contacting IPIA, determine what you want the outcome to be with the IPIA member. Be as direct as possible to ensure a timely resolution.
  5. When contacting the IPIA member do your best to resolve the problem in a professional manner and tell the IPIA member you want to resolve the problem. Bringing this up ahead of time will provide a clear understanding to your intentions.
  6. Listen. Most times both parties want a resolution and it’s in the best interest of both parties to discuss what that may be. Gaining a better understanding of each side will help diffuse the situation.
  7. Write down all necessary information. Get the contact information of everyone involved including titles, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Hold on to any specific email communications or phone messages as well.


If you believe you have given the IPIA member enough time to resolve the problem, and have taken the necessary actions, you may file a complaint with IPIA by completing this form. Upon submission, an IPIA representative will act as a third party to help the consumer and IPIA member reach a satisfactory resolution of the problem.

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