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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.
Chair Dance Performer At PoleCon.


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Update this template as necessary based on the laws in your municipality.


This agreement, made one this date                                             between

                                                                (hereinafter referred to as (“Company”) and

                                                                                           hereinafter referred to as “Performing Artist(s)”.


WITNESSETH, that Company contracts for the services of Performing Artist(s) as (an) independent contractor(s), not as (an) employee(s), on the terms and conditions set forth below. Performing Artist(s) agree to render to the Company services as follows:

Full Name of Performing Artist/Entertainer:



Show, Event:

Date(s) of Event:

Location of event:

Type of Show/Event:

Hours of Performance:


Compensation: Compensation/Agreement:

Payment Agreement for the Following Services:

  1. Company contracts for the services of Performing Artist(s) as (an) independent contractor(s) and not as (an) employee(s). Company shall make payment to Performing Artist(s) as agreed between Company and the Performing Artist(s). The Performing Artist(s) are self-employed who will have the duty of and will be responsible for complying with Federal, State and Internal Revenue Service laws and regulations pertaining to the withholding of taxes and any other union or Federation deduction or payment, and Performing Artist(s) will hold Company harmless and indemnify it for any claims therefrom.
  2. Performing Artist(s) will be allowed reasonable access to the facility used for the engagement before and after the engagement for the purpose of assembling and removing equipment. Performing Artist(s) will arrive at engagement at time frame designated above.


  1. It is mutually agreed that neither party shall be responsible for any provision in this contract or rider(s)/addendums to this contract when prevented from complying with a contractual provision due to any Act of God or any other legitimate condition beyond the control of the appropriate party.


  1. Performing Artist(s) shall reimburse, indemnify and hold harmless Company for all loss to Company resulting from the negligence of Performing Artist(s) in the performance of this contract. In further consideration, Performing Artist(s) hereby agrees to assume all liability, jointly and severally, for any injuries or damages that may be performance related, or that Performing Artist(s) may cause to any persons or property during Performing Artist(s) use of or while Performing Artist(s) is engaged in the activities described herein above. In addition, Performing Artist(s) agrees to provide Company with certificate of insurance showing proof of current General Liability in respect to liability and the Performing Artist(s) activities/event described herein above.
    1. Company shall not be liable for any damages or injuries of the Performing Artist(s) while engaging in actives described herein above at the stated premises, and Performing Artist(s) hereby releases Company and its Staff, Employees, Representatives and Agents from all form and manner of risks inherent or relating to such activities, and agrees to waive all claims and demands of any nature arising from said performance or related activities.


  1. The validity, interpretation and effort of this contract and any Addendum or rider(s) attached thereto shall be governed by the laws of the State of _______________ . The laws of the State of                          shall govern all rights, obligations, remedies and liabilities arising pursuant to this contract and any rider(s) attached thereto. Venue for any legal action relating to this contract shall be           .
  1. Artist(s) shall be solely responsible for the payment of any and all royalty fees payable as a result of the performance of any copyrighted music or matters performed pursuant to the copyright laws of the United States or any other country and will hold Company harmless and indemnify Company from any claims therefrom.


  1. Any person/entity executing this contract, other than Performing Artist(s), expressly warrants that he/she is authorized to execute this contract for Performing Artist(s) for this engagement at the time and place specified in this contract.


  1. This contract shall not be binding upon Company until fully executed, including signing and initialing of any changes by the parties hereto, or their authorized representatives, and delivered to Company at least 7 days prior to the date of performance.


  1. The Company representatives signing this agreement certify that they sign as properly authorized representatives of the Company and do not assume any personal liability for meeting the terms of this contract.


  1. Company may modify this contract provided written notice is given to Performing Artist(s). Both parties must initial all additions and deletions to this contract and its rider(s) and addendums in order to be valid. This contract and any rider(s) or addendums attached thereto represents a complete and final expression of the parties’ intentions. The parties will therefore be responsible only for those items expressed in this contract and any rider(s)/addendums attached thereto, irrespective of any additional or contrary oral or written statements or representations.


  1. Company is an Equal Opportunity institution that admits Performing Artist(s) of any race, color, sex, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to Performing Artist(s). It does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, sex, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin, or handicap in administration of its policies or activities.


(a.) The Performing Artist(s) shall not discriminate in any manner against any anyone because of race, sex, age, color, physical or mental handicap, marital status, religion, national origin, or political affiliation.


  1. If in Company’s sole determination, the Performing Artist(s) appear on or near the performance site noticeably under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotics, drugs, or other controlled substances, or exhibit behavior, conduct or acts that would reflect negatively upon the Company or are socially unacceptable as determined by Company shall have the right to terminate this contract and/or trespass and have the offenders removed from the premises with no liability on the part of the Company.
  2. The Performing Artist(s) shall be liable to Company for payment within thirty (30) days after demand of all of Company’s costs, expenses, damages, and claims resulting from such cancellation, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred in the enforcement of this provision. Performing Artist(s) acknowledge(s) that no weapons of any kind, alcoholic beverages, narcotics, drugs, or other controlled substances are permitted on or to be consumed at or near the performance site.
  3. The Performing Artist(s) acknowledge that each of them has received a copy of an executed copy of this contract and will be sensitive to the commonly accepted local standards of civility and conduct incidental to their performances.
  4. In the event any of the provisions of this agreement are rendered to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason, the remainder of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect and shall be binding on the parties hereto.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereby agree and accept the foregoing terms and provisions of this Agreement and each of the parties have authorized their official representatives to execute on the date as shown herein.




Signature of Finance Office Representative



Printed Name




Date:                                FOR PERFORMING ARTISTS


Signature of Authorized Representative


Printed Name


Phone:                                                              Email:         


NOTE: Please do not alter or cross out any terms of this agreement- Add note to request modifications on an attached Addendum sheet. Any riders or additional contracts submitted by the Performing Artist(s) should be attached as an addendum/rider to the Company ENTERTAINMENT / ARTIST CONTRACT.

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