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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.
Catrina performs at PoleCon 2023 in the inaugural Latin Heritage showcase.

How to get sponsorships for your pole business

Whether you are a performer, a pole event, or some other form of pole business, getting sponsorship money is tough! Most businesses in the pole industry are small. Even the few larger pole businesses aren’t actually *that* large. Very few…

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Crowded booth at PoleCon.

The importance of networking for your pole business

The term networking sounds very corporate and may be something that pole business owners don’t think about when going to pole events. The first priority for attending a pole event might be fun, education, or the opportunity to compete/perform. If…

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Performer during PoleCon.

How to get more private pole students

While pole dancing is most often taught in a group fitness class setting, providing private, individualized instruction can be a great way to help your students progress faster. Here are three ways to attract more private pole or aerial clients.…

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Large pole fitness class.

How to improve your group fitness classes

Pole dancing is most often taught in a group fitness class setting. These classes might be semester based or drop in, but generally are led by a single instructor with 2+ students in a physical or virtual location. Here are…

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