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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.
Chair Dance Troupe Performes On Stage.

Virtual PoleCon 2020: Everything But the Performance

This workshop was part of the Virtual PoleCon 2020 event held on October 17, 2020.

Everything But the Performance by Irmingard Mayer: So you’ve trained to a level where you feel ready to perform. You have the skills and creative ideas. But have you thought about the other elements involved in performance? This workshop will cover an overview of the following:

  • How to prepare materials to present your skill set optimally. What do you need? How do you gather these materials? How do you present them?
  • How do you get booked for work? How do you make connections and find opportunities?
  • Professional conduct tips after landing a gig.
  • Preparing for the rehearsal process leading up to a show, shoot or event.
  • Managing injuries.
  • Covering insurance and safety liabilities.
  • Day of performance tips. How to prepare your body for performance. What to pack. How to handle stage fright.
  • Post performance guide and tips.
  • And more!

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