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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.
Students Practice On Portable Dance Poles.

What to look for in a pole studio as a student

Pole studios both online and in person are popping up everywhere!

This is great for consumers who can “niche-down” and find not just pole instruction but specific and tailored pole instruction that caters towards your preferred style of pole and learning preferences.

Outside of style and teaching preferences, here are 3 other important factors to look for when deciding to take pole classes.

Clear pricing structure

Pole studio pricing varies wildly. Some studios may function on “drop-ins” or monthly memberships like a gym when you can start (and end) any time. Other pole studios may have semester-based pricing that only take on new students at certain times of the year and have clear progressions for how you learn pole. Make sure you understand the costs, time involved, and any other contractual expectations or obligations before you sign up.

Cleanliness and accessibility of facilities

Pole studios are sometimes found in unusual locations due to zoning, available ceiling heights, or costs. Make sure you know where you’re going! If possible, look at photos online to understand how the facilities look both inside and out. Are the facilities clean? Are any metal parts free of rust? Do you feel safe walking to and from the studio? Do they have accessible restrooms? Are their safety mats available?

Information about procedures and policies

Regulations and requirements for businesses, particularly fitness businesses, varies around the world. Some jurisdictions may require special insurance and safety equipment while others do not. If you have questions about safety procedures, ask! Pole dancing can be classified as an extreme sport; treat it that way! If policies for the business (such as for refunds) are not clearly addressed on the website or in person, ask! Pole studios are often run by small businesses who are also learning how to provide the best customer experience. Ask questions and try not to presume!


Pole dancing is a great way to meet new people, find a new movement hobby, or even to launch a career. Explore multiple pole studios and keep these 3 things to look for in mind to find the perfect fit for you as a more informed consumer.



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