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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.
Two performers clasp hands on stage at PoleCon.

How do you “let go” of students?

What happens when one of your “regular” students out grows what you teach them (or how you teach them)? Perhaps they feel like you have nothing left to teach them or maybe they are simply ready to move on. If…

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Pole Dancer does the splits at PoleCon.

Using inclusive language to improve your branding

In the past, we’ve shared three tips on how to create a gender-inclusive pole dance class. In this post, we’ll connect the idea of being inclusive in your language to foster a sense of community and brand awareness for your…

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Person takes a picture of a PoleCon attendee demonstrating a Pole Dancing straddle.

How to set up a virtual pole teaching platform

If you started teaching during the pandemic, you may be already acquainted with using Zoom, Google HangOuts, Microsoft Teams, or other video meeting service to teach virtually. Now that the pandemic is over, many people are still enjoying the flexibility…

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Vendor demonstrates floor stretching.

How to create a mentorship program for pole dance teachers?

Teaching students is one thing, teaching teachers is a completely different concept! Check out our tips below if you’re considering developing a mentorship or teacher coaching program to sell to potential pole dance teachers. What is unique to your mentorship…

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Crowded booth at PoleCon.

The importance of networking for your pole business

The term networking sounds very corporate and may be something that pole business owners don’t think about when going to pole events. The first priority for attending a pole event might be fun, education, or the opportunity to compete/perform. If…

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Pole dancer on stage during PoleCon

When to switch your LLC to an S-Corp?

When you first start your business (in the United States, in most states), you don’t need to have any sort of official, legal entity. Many businesses may choose to create an LLC as basic legal protection which requires very little…

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Pole Dancer disrobes during performance at PoleCon.

How to disclose (or not) your pole career with your day job

Many pole instructors, performers, studio owners, strippers, and other pole business owners may maintain a primary “day job” and work their pole-related side hustle at the same time. While some specific careers or employees may require disclosure of other/outside employment,…

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