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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.

Virtual PoleCon 2020: Work Hard; Rest Smarter

This workshop was part of the Virtual PoleCon 2020 event held on October 17, 2020. Work Hard; Rest Smarter with Dr. Angie Prescott: Have aches and pains that hinder your progress? Struggling to maintain your performance schedule and training routine…

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How to do pole teacher performance reviews

Generally, performance reviews are conducted annually. They are an opportunity for the employer to provide feedback on the employee’s performance during the year and may also be an opportunity for the employee to voice any concerns or issues. The annual…

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How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

What is Intellectual property? Intellectual property is what makes you and your business unique. This could be your visual or movement arts, your methods for teaching, how you structure classes, the products in your business, how you conduct your services…

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How to Start a Podcast

A podcast can be a great way to market your business, reach new customers and create community around your product or service as part of your overall marketing plan. It can also be a way to generate revenue through advertising…

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How to Build a Website, Step by Step

This resource focuses on each step to purchasing, hosting, and building a website. A website is a good way to showcase all of your products and services, tell the world about your business, and help promote it online. While having…

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