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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.

What is a “Featured Performer”?

A “house performer” or “house dancer” works for a particular strip club or franchise whereas a “featured performer” tends to have their own celebrity, touring different clubs and making appearances.

Every so often, clubs might bring in featured performers to help draw crowds and bring in money for the club. These can be other strippers, aerialists, musicians, or other types entertainers. If you work in the club where the featured performer is dancing, make them feel welcome and also use this opportunity as a personal marketing tool invite potential patrons to attend. If a flyer is created, share the flyer on social media and add that you also work at the same club for a win-win for everyone.

If You are Asked to be a Featured Performer

If you are approached about being a featured performer, make sure you meet the legal requirements to dance in that state. Inquire about their nudity rules and outfit requirements which may vary widely. If the club doesn’t immediately share this information with you, make it a point to ask a staff member or someone who works there so that you don’t jeopardize yourself in any way. Sometimes club owners may be lax in communicating requirements, so remember to stay safe, get informed and ask questions. You may or may not be able to accept tips depending on licensing laws. You may also need a specific license as a featured performer.

Work with the person who booked you to inquire about any travel and lodging arrangements. If someone wants you to come perform at their venue, they are likely to make and pay for these arrangements. Whenever possible, get all information in a contract that all parties agree to.

For more information on Featured Performers, check out this documentary, Peeled: An in depth look into the lives of the women that make a living as traveling show girls and who identify as “Featured Performers”. Coming from many different backgrounds, these women compete for titles, trophies, cash prizes, and respect. Peeled showcases the effort and countless hours involved with props, choreography and costumes in order to produce award winning shows.  With footage of performances and in-depth interviews, Peeled gives insight into the the struggles and triumphs of the people in this often misconceived industry. Starring: Vayda Kiss, Lisa Licious, Sarah Hunter, Sharzayne, Simone Danalustrous, Natasha Nova, Chelsea La Von, Annie Lane, Ryan Ashley, Liza Mae Lust, Katie Sutra, Ms. Parker, Raven Cali and Angela Sommers.

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