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What kind of mirrors should you use in your pole dance studio?

Mirrors are an important, but not a necessary, part of your pole studio.

Some studios prefer to teach without mirrors as they can cause potentially negative comparisons for students or otherwise make students feel uncomfortable viewing themselves or others. Other studios rely heavily on mirrors to help students access and/or understand moves or even to connect with their own bodies in a positive way.

Finding the right set up for your studio can be tough—what’s right for you? Keep reading for our tips!

Decide if you’ll use mirrors depending on your pole dance studio?

First, decide if you are going to use mirrors or not for your studio. Consider the vibe and overall way you want your students to experience your space and the content that you’re teaching when making this decision.

If you decide to use mirrors, consider the details of your space. Ask yourself questions like (but not limited to):

  • Is your space multi-purpose? (Are you sharing with someone else?)
  • Are you able to permanently modify the space?
  • Will you be moving out of the space soon? (How long is your lease?)

Some mirror options are more permanent or more difficult to move while others may be easier to take with you.

Choosing the right mirror for your pole dance studio

Mirrors can be broadly categorized into glass based or glass-less.

  • A glass mirror could be of varying thickness. It could also be shatterproof.
  • A “glass-less” mirror is not made of glass. It is typically lighter and could be made of acrylic, plastic, or mylar (like a balloon).

Mirrors can be portable including on wheels in large sections so they can be moved around a space.

They can also be framed or not framed and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some mirror types might limit sizes for continuous surface area options.

Generally, pole studios would benefit from having as much vertical coverage (floor to ceiling coverage ) as possible to capture both floorwork and aerial work and be as wide as possible for the space. Also, generally, don’t put mirrors on walls that face each other which can create a visual tunnel.

Make sure that you have a wall “open” or without obstructions like mirrors in your studio for times when you need to use a wall such as handstands, wall dancing, stretching, etc. so that people don’t chose to lean on the mirror which could be unsafe for them or damage the mirror.

Mirrors can also make your space look bigger!

How to hang mirrors for your pole dance studio?

Depending on the type of mirror you’re installing, your installation options may be more limited than others.

Individual mirrors may be easier to hang such as smaller, tiled mirrors that have a sticky backing or hanging individual framed mirrors hung with a traditional picture hanging hook that don’t need to be on a secure stud.

Glass mirrors may need professional installation and may need to be glued into place because of their weight and/or hung on studs. Glassless mirrors generally do not need professional installation and can be hung on modeling or using traditional picture hanging hooks. Some even have options to use a high tensity Velcro that would not put holes into a wall.

Because some glass mirrors may need to be glued, they can be harder to move to a new space, forcing you to leave that investment behind.

How you will be cleaning or maintaining your mirrors?

Regular mirrors are easily cleaned with a glass cleaner or even using a homemade option combining rubbing alcohol and vinegar. Glassless mirrors or acrylic mirrors should be cleaned with a microfiber cloth or compressed air can instead.

Repairing glass mirrors is challenging and most will require replacement.

Repairing wrinkles and indentations for a glassless mirror can be done with a hair dryer or heat gun.

What is the cost of putting mirrors in your pole dance studio?

Individual, pre-made mirrors will be cheaper than creating a custom option for your studio.

You may even find discounted mirrors at local auction sales. Getting a custom sized mirror for your studio is typically the most expensive option with glass mirrors being more expensive than glassless. Don’t forget to also factor in installation labor costs if needed.

Where can you find mirrors for your pole dance studio?

There are many options to find the right mirror for your pole dance studio. Check out some options below:

  • Ikea
  • Google “Glassless mirrors”
  • DIY home stores (like Home Depot or Lowes)
  • com
  • Local hardware or other options
  • Local sales such as estate sales, bankruptcy/seized property or other


We hope these options and questions help you understand how to find the right mirrors for your pole dance studio, if you choose to add mirrors to your space at all. Have more tips or things to consider? Please share them with us!

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