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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.
PoleCon International Logo With Text Virtual PoleCon 2021, Presented By The IPIA. Supporting The Pole Business Industry.

Announcing Virtual PoleCon 2021

Virtual PoleCon is back October 16, 2021 9am-~10pm Eastern (New York) time!

Like last year’s event, this event is presented by the IPIA and is focused on the pole business industry. Pole hobbyists are welcome to come too!

Also, like last year’s event, it will be run using a virtual convention tool called “Floor” which allows you to move in and out of live sessions, “sit” down for a video chat with your friends and visit with vendors. The event will also follow the same format of having three simultaneously tracks: a workshop (non-pole movement) track, a seminar (non-movement track) and a panel track. The event will end with a showcase celebrating the showcases of live PoleCon with a representative from each showcase including Black Girls Pole, Sexy, Queer and more!

One ticket gets you into the entire event – enter and leave as many times as you want!

Updates from last year include:

  • We’ve decreased the price of the ticket by 10% to keep things affordable for everyone.
  • While all workshops, seminars and panels will be live, the performances will be pre-recorded with live MCs.
  • Historically we’ve provided discounts off of admission for our workshop leaders and performers to recognize the time and effort that goes into preparing for the event. This time we’re paying everyone a small honorarium. While small, we believe that this is an important change and reflects the importance of the business side of pole. Please note, this is for the virtual event only.

Additionally, the IPIA will be offering a discount off your annual membership cost to the IPIA if you join when you buy your ticket!

To apply to perform, please go here and read all instructions.

To apply to conduct a workshop or seminar, please go here and read all instructions.

Important Dates:

  • Submit your application by July 1.
  • Applicants will be notified if their session or performance is accepted or if it is not by July 15.
  • Full schedule for event will be posted by August 15.

Questions? Email us!

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