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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.

What do you need to know about privacy policies?

What is a privacy policy? A privacy policy is a legal agreement that explains how you gather, use and manage any personal information from your customers and clients. This personal information may (please note, this list is not necessarily a…

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Top 10 free resources for pole professionals

Building a business can be tough! Especially when it may start as a side hustle that you can’t spend a lot of time or money on. We’ve collected 10 free (a few free-mium) resources to help you on your pole…

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IPIA Webinar: Interview with Ezama Lo’i

[memberonly level=“Group Membership for Businesses of 2-5 individuals, Student, Individual or Solo-Preneur”] This workshop was part of the IPIA Webinar held on August 23, 2022 Interview with Ezama Lo'i Meet Ezama Lo'i, Resident Poleography Trainer and body double on the popular…

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Pros and Cons of Drop-in versus Semester Classes

If you own or run a pole dance studio, you will undoubtedly have to make the decision on what type of class structure to provide. Typically, studios will provide drop-in classes, semester/series-type classes, or a combination of both. In this…

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