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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.

What is the difference between marketing and sales?

Wait—there is a difference between marketing and sales? Yes! The two terms are often used interchangeably, and their functions overlap and feed into each other, further confusing things. For example, at an event, you might hand out brochures and business…

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[administrator notice: content below memberonly level=”Group Membership for Businesses of 2-5 individuals, Student, Individual or Solo-Preneur”] Update this template as necessary based on the laws in your municipality. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT   This agreement for the provision of pole dance…

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How to sell your pole dance business

Selling a business can be a complicated endeavor. Read the tips below to start the process of selling your pole dance business. Do some soul searching Business, especially small pole dance business, can be very personal. Make sure you consider…

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How to value your pole dance business

There are many ways to value your pole dance business. Some of them are more relevant for product businesses, whereas others are more relevant for subscription-based businesses, like a studio or an online pole tutorial company that has a monthly…

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Sample Licensing Template for Your Pole Dance Business

[memberonly level=“Group Membership for Businesses of 2-5 individuals, Student, Individual or Solo-Preneur”] This is a sample licensing agreement template. Please review any country/state/local requirements with your legal counsel and/or insurance provider as necessary. {NAME} LICENSE AGREEMENT THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT (“Agreement”)…

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When to close your pole-based business

While all business is personal to an extent, pole-based businesses are often extremely personal. They might be community-based like studios or founded from a creative passion such as dancing, teaching, or designing cute outfits. Knowing when to close your business…

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How to license your pole dance business

Licensing and franchising are two ways to grow your pole dance business. Learn about the difference between these two options in this post. This post is about the details of how to set up a licensing agreement. What is licensing?…

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