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Top 10 ways to engage your pole studio members outside the studio

With all the demands on people’s lives and times, it can be tough to keep people engaged with your studio. Check out these tips for ways to engage your pole studio members outside of the studio and get them coming back again and again!

  1. Create Social Media Contests and Challenges: the sky is the limit with this one! Creating fun contests on social media either for real prizes or bragging rights can be a great way to engage people outside of the studio. Consider partnering with another pole company for even bigger reach and more prizes!
  2. Get out into Your Community: grab a stage pole and host a pole-picnic in a local park or be a part of a parade! Some public parks need permits for stage poles so always check with your local jurisdiction first before committing to a location.
  3. Support Local Charities: being visible in your community is a great way to show that you support the community and to help the community understand pole. Consider asking your students for ideas of charities that they support. You can support financially, organize events, or participate in events.
  4. Text Motivations: many scheduling services offer texting or SMS services to connect with your students. Even if it doesn’t, consider manually testing motivations to your students, especially those that you haven’t seen in the studio in a while. Maybe they could use a little support!
  5. Celebrate Milestones: many studios highlight a student of the week or the month in their studio newsletter. What if you celebrated the first time someone climbed to the top of the pole or did their first invert? Those milestones are often more meaningful! Share these on your social media, in your newsletter or even in the studio!
  6. Crowd Source Playlists: there’s always that one instructor who has the best playlist and the one that just doesn’t care about music. Get your students to crowd source a playlist of music they want to hear! Create themes and consider doing this monthly or quarterly.
  7. Share Your Struggles: sometimes students forget that the instructor or studio owner was once a beginner too! Sharing your struggles and history of challenges in a public way can give them the confidence to keep going!
  8. Survey Your Students: asking your students what they want to see more or less of at your studio is a great way to learn what’s working and what’s not. If you’re not already surveying your students yearly, consider starting. You’ll could learn a lot and make your students feel that their opinion is valued. (More info on how to survey your students here.)
  9. Send Handwritten Notes: it may seem old-fashioned, but a handwritten note is a great way to connect with people! Consider sending a thank you note to new members, on major anniversaries with your students, or at key milestones in their journeys.
  10. Organize a Field Trip: making friends as an adult is tough! A pole studio can be a great way to find new friends in the studio and outside the studio. Consider organizing a “field trip” to a relevant place like a performance venue, strip club, or a new boutique fitness studio.


These are just a few ways to keep people engaged outside of the studio – what are you favorites? Let us know!

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