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Virtual PoleCon 2020: Mobility and Recovery for Pole Professionals

This workshop was part of the Virtual PoleCon 2020 event held on October 17, 2020.

Mobility and Recovery for Pole Professionals from Rad with Roy Choquette: Many of us push our body to the limits, and since there’s no “season” for the pole community we are performing and teaching classes all the time with little to no breaks and rest days. Combine that with many of us having our corporate job all day and training all night and we increase our risk of injury via muscle imbalances, overuse, and mobility restrictions. Join Roy Choquette, RAD Mobility Master Coach and International Educator, as he takes you through a hands-on exploration of self myofascial release and mobility techniques used to enhance both mobility and recovery. You’ll walk away being able to immediately integrate these techniques and concepts in your own self-care and injury reduction program, as well as your group classes.

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