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This is not just about POLE. This is about BUSINESS.

What does your IPIA membership pay for?

The IPIA annual membership fee covers the basic administrative costs of running the virtual (as in, we have no physical office) association, including:

  • Domain name and web hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Software as a service tools including Zoom for webinars and the MemberWorks back-end tool for the website
  • Insurance
  • Banking fees
  • Credit Card fees.

Most labor (including responding to emails, writing resource posts, marketing posts, maintaining the website, etc.) provided to the IPIA is volunteer.

Some authors of resources posts and/or contributors to strategic initiatives outside of the volunteer board members are paid a small stipend for their contribution. In the future, as the association grows, the Executive Director may be paid a stipend. Additional staff members (not volunteer board members) may also be hired and paid a stipend.

As the association grows, we may additionally pay for advertising such as Google Ads, SEO optimization and social media advertising to continue to broaden the reach of the IPIA.

Membership is the primary revenue for the association. Events such as Virtual PoleCon and the webinar series also provide some revenue. Some webinars have their revenue designated to be donated to organizations aligned with the speaker for the webinar. All entities that have received a donation are listed on the advocacy page.

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