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Why Join a Trade Association?

Trade Association Basics
1. Why Join a Trade Association?
2. What is a Trade Association?

There are many reasons to join a trade association!

The more of us joining together, the stronger and more sustaining our industry can be. The entire purpose of a trade association is to promote the industry and it’s members.

Access to educational resources

A trade association provides a multitude of educational resources to start or improve your existing business. An association also provides access for industry experts to share their expertise with a relevant audience.

Access to networking and collaboration opportunities

A trade association provides live and virtual events and networking opportunities for members to share and grow together. Members may also share their events with the larger community through the association. Members and non-members can find relevant businesses/individuals through a centralized member directory.

Supporting advocacy to positively impact the industry

A trade association acts as a lobbying or advocacy body to support legislation or changing/influencing public opinion on topics relevant to the industry. A trade association also can support relevant research to positively impact the industry.

Discounts on relevant educational resources and business critical services and products

Since a trade association represents a large group of people, it is possible to negotiate better terms, rates and even discounts on relevant educational resources such as instructor certifications and business critical services such as insurance.

With all those great benefits, join the IPIA today!

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